ExploGrow™ a natural liquid bio-fertiliser with a blend of soil beneficial microbes

(1.) Roots typically more than double in size (2.) Reduces the use of chemical fertilizer (3.) Rehabilitates the soil (4.) Reduces watering requirements (5.) Achieves much larger crop yields (6.) Improves crop quality, including raises sugar (Brix) content (7.) Increases the populations of soil beneficial microbes (8.) Enables sustainable agriculture (9.) Increases the profit per hectare (10.) Also effective for certified organic farming according to EC 834/2007 and NOP regulation.

"The unique microbial composition places ExploGrow™ in a league all of its own". Dr Stephanus Malherbe, BSc; BSc Hons.; MSc (Microbiology); Pr.Sci.Nat. (Agricultural Science); PhD (Agronomy).

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Why ExploGrow™?

Compared with other microbial fertilizers: ExploGrow™ is simply “in a league all of its own” Dr Malherbe.

Fully approved by The South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries represents a revolutionary 100% organic bio-fertiliser development, comprising 17 highly complex natural microbes and is an environmentally friendly soil ameliorant and plant growth stimulant, with increased soil microbial balance properties: contains no growth hormones and no genetically modified organisms.

Some of the benefits experienced by farmers:

The use of ExploGrow™ is cost neutral or better (increased profit per hectare)
Nutritious crops with higher uplift in Brix (sugar) levels
Plant's root systems typically more than double in size
Reduction in use of chemical fertilizers (N-P-K by 25% - 50%)
Much larger crop yields (in several cases over 100%)
Reduction in watering (by at least 20%)
Certified for organic production
Soil and plant health optimised
Beneficial soil microbes:  increased microbial populations and activity 

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Government Approved: ExploGrow™ is fully approved by The South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries. Reg. No. B4807. ExploGrow™ is also fully approved by The Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry Reg. No. N-F 1005- ExploGrow

Certified Organic: This enables "certified organic" farmers to enjoy the benefits of ExploGrow™. Suitable for organic farming according to European Organic Regulations (EC 834/2007) and National Organic Program (NOP) regulation.

Authoritative Opinions

Eminent South African agricultural authorities have provided strong endorsement of ExploGrow™, led by Dr Stephanus Malherbe, BSc, BSc Hons., MSc (Microbiology), Pr.Sci.Nat. (Agricultural Science), PhD (Agronomy).

More Value Per Hectare

“After applying ExploGrow™ to my Pecan Nut trees, I saw a total increase of 75% value per hectare.” John Pozyn (Pecan Nut farmer). Please refer to "case studies" for more.

The Prize: Double Yields!

Mark Young, BSc (farm manager of a farm specialising in irrigated tunnel production). "After two months of using ExploGrow™ (reducing chemical fertilizers by 75%), I have doubled my production."