CARBOTECH® Group 2 Fertilizer

Carbotech® liquid carbon fertilizer is manufactured by Carbon Fertilizer Technologies

Carbotech® is one of many excellent 'microbial food' products recommended for use together with ExploGrow™ to improve valuable microbial functions (also see ECO Gro Fish Emulsion).

Carbotech® is a unique blend of complex carbohydrates derived from photosynthetic organisms, consisting of five distinct functional groups.

Co-application (ExploGrow™ + CARBOTECH®) guidelines:

  • Add ExploGrow™ and Carbotech® into the water tank at the correct dilution (see lables), mix well
  • Application will be most optimal one week before the full moon
  • Leave the mix to stand for 4 hours (NOT more than 24 hours)
  • Flush lines clean after application to avoid clogging

Carbotech® product information:

General information:

  • Carbotech® is a sophisticated carbon source that is completely soluble and is compatible with all commercial fertilizer products.
  • Carbotech® has a Total Exchange Capacity which is similar to high end organic acids, like Fulvic acid
  • Carbotech® has a high affinity for the phosphate radical and protects it from the usual Calcium Phosphate lock-out in the soil.
  • Carbotech® is a root growth stimulant.
  • Carbotech® promotes soil microbial life and is high in biological assimilable carbon.
  • The beneficial carbonaceous bacterial food source available in Carbotech® promotes the bio-life in the soil to thrive and assist in the promotion of root development and root health to give natural defence against attacks on plant health.
  • CARBOTECH® is a complex liquid carbon that enhances fertilizer efficiency.
  • CARBOTECH® is a carbon based soil conditioner that helps balance carbon losses, improve microbial life and improves fertilizer use efficiency.
  • CARBOTECH® enhances fertilizer efficiency via three modes of action namely: chelation, root growth stimulation, and microbe growth stimulation.
  • CARBOTECH® will improve root growth by stimulating cell division and growth as well as having a positive effect on phosphate availability and mobility
  • The beneficial carbonaceous bacterial food source available in CARBOTECH® promotes the biological life in the soil to thrive and assist in the promotion of nutrient uptake, root development and root health to give natural defence against attacks on plant health.
  • The application of CARBOTECH® with fertilizer makes it possible to either reduce fertilizer usage OR to increase yield.

How CARBOTECH® works

The high total exchange capacity of Carbotech® allows for beneficial carbon bindings that reduces mineral leaching and lockout resulting in increased nutrient availability for the plant

The root growth stimulants, as well as organic Phosphate clustering (reducing phosphate lockout and making it more mobile in the soil) allows for superior root growth.

The beneficial carbonaceous bacterial food source available in Carbotech® promotes vigorous bio-life in the soil. These symbiotic relationships with the plant have a beneficial impact on plant health, nutrient uptake, nitrogen fixation and the ability to release minerals from the soil.

CARBOTECH® product specifications:

CARBOTECH® packaging:

25 kg plastic containers, 1,000ℓ “flow-bins” or bulk containers.

CARBOTECH® properties:

  • pH: 2-3
  • Appearance: dark brown/black liquid
  • Residue (0,5mm): none
  • Specific gravity: 1,23

CARBOTECH® typical Analysis:

N ... ... ... ... ... ...

5.00 g/kg

P ... ... ... ... ... ...

0.40 g/kg

K ... ... ... ... ... ...

0.10 g/kg

Zn ... ... ... ... ... ...

102.00 mg/kg

Cu ... ... ... ... ... ...

72.40 mg/kg

Fe ... ... ... ... ... ...

53.00 mg/kg

Mn ... ... ... ... ... ...

111.00 mg/kg

Mg ... ... ... ... ... ...

27.00 mg/kg

S ... ... ... ... ... ...

39.00 mg/kg

Organic Carbon ...

270.00 g/kg

Approaches in Recommendation:


Carbotech® is applied in relation to the amount of nutrients applied in each case.

CFT has developed individual norms for the different elements.

Tree Crops

The approach with tree crops is to get the various elemental nutrients into the tree more efficiently. This allows us to maintain ideal leaf norms over time, whilst applying substantially less fertilizer, resulting in a saving on fertilizer program cost in most cases.

A normal fertilizer recommendation is converted to a Carbotech® Program that will indicate the nutrient savings and Carbotech® application rates.

Program conversions are complex and requires input from a CFT Agronomist in order to ensure the nutrients are reduced by the appropriate amount according to our developed norms, and that the nutrient elements are balanced (after reduction) in accordance with the phonological phases (Contact CFT head office to assist with these requirements (also see more at

Annual Crops

Carbotech® is applied in addition to the normal fertilizer program. The improved nutrient uptake generally results in a yield increase. The value of the yield increase generally exceeds the on cost by far, resulting in an economic benefit to the farmer. Carbotech® is generally NOT applied with a planting mix. The reason is that soil microbes need a root zone to flourish.

If application is not done with fertilizer application, then the first application is typically done 2-3 weeks after emergence and two to three times thereafter. (The principle is to try and stretch the application over as long a period as possible and to apply the larger quantities earlier. Application can be split in the following ratios: 40/30/30 or 40/20/20/20)

CARBOTECH® storage:

Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

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