Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Explo Grow Faq Powerful Poly Microbial Blend Of 17 Beneficial Soil Microbes In A Concentrated Liquid

What is ExploGrow?

ExploGrow™ is a powerful poly-microbial blend of 17 beneficial soil microbes in a concentrated liquid that performs advantageous soil functions through improving soil health and plant growth.

ExploGrow™ is a certified organic product, fully approved by:

  • South Africa: Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
  • Denmark: Ministry of Environment and Food
  • Namibia: Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry

Generally Approved for import and/or trials:

  • Zambia
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Botswana
  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • Sierra Leone

Pending approvals:

  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Ghana

Why use ExploGrow?

  • Contains beneficial soil and plant microbes
  • Increases crop yield
  • Increases crop quality (higher Brix and sugar content)
  • Improves soil structure, texture, and cation exchange capacity
  • Improves drought resistant capabilities of plants and increases the water holding capacity of the soil
  • Enhances root development
  • Bioremediation of heavy metals and toxins found in the soil
  • Effective for certified organic farming according to EC 834/2007 and NOP regulation
  • Enables sustainable agriculture

How do the microbes in ExploGrow™ improve plant growth?

ExploGrow™ microbes improve plant growth by improving soil structure, pH and health through solubilizing essential nutrients (e.g. phosphate and iron) necessary for healthy plant growth.

Microbes and the plants have a symbiotic relationship through exchanging nutrients, hormones and natural antibodies for plant sugars. Microbes have the ability to bioremediate toxic compounds and heavy metals built up in the soil; and improve soil cation exchange capacity that further reduces leaching and eutrophication.

Can we apply ExploGrow™ in combination with chemical fertilizer?

Yes, you can apply ExploGrow™ biofertilizer with chemical fertilizers.

  • In general, we recommend a 25-50% reduction in chemical fertilizer when ExploGrow™ is used at an optimal level.
  • ExploGrow™ can be applied in conjunction with liquid chemical fertilizer, however we recommend the mix be applied immediately to reduce chemical harm to the microbes.

Why do we recommend reducing the chemical input with the application of ExploGrow?

There is an abundance of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus) in the atmosphere and soil that are in an inaccessible form to many plants. ExploGrow™ contains various species of microbes that can fix and/or solubilize many locked up nutrients and make them available for plants to use. Microbes that fix these and other nutrients will become less effective when chemical fertilizers are added. Chemical fertilizer can directly harm the microbes in the soil, that can further reduce the efficiency of ExploGrow™.

Can we still spray herbicides and pesticides in combination with ExploGrow?

Yes. ExploGrow™ can be applied in conjunction with herbicides and pesticides, however we recommend the mix be applied to crops immediately so the herbicides and pesticides do not limit the capabilities of the ExploGrow™ microbes.

However, we recommend that ExploGrow™ should be applied 10 to 14 days after the application of herbicides and pesticides, so as not to impact on the capabilities of ExploGrow™.

Can we still spray fungicides in combination with ExploGrow?

No. Fungicides are directly harmful to the beneficial microbes in ExploGrow™ and can result in the product becoming ineffective.

Can ExploGrow™ microbes live in extreme environments such as dry soils with little soil moisture?

Yes, however we recommend ExploGrow™ be applied with thorough irrigation to allow the microbes to penetrate below the dry topsoil layer. In most cases, the soil surface may look dry however the soil beneath the surface will increase in moisture with increasing depth.

Can using ExploGrow™ help improve the drought resistance of my crops?

Yes. ExploGrow™ contains various microbes including the Rhizobia and Azospirillum families, which have been reported to improve the stress tolerance in plants through facilitating the production of Trehalose, which is a natural plant sugar that protects plants from drought, temperature extremes and salt.

Does exposure to sunlight and UV rays harm ExploGrow™ microbes?

Yes. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and UV radiation can kill microbes, thus it is vital to store ExploGrow™ in an environment with limited sun exposure. We recommend that ExploGrow™ be applied through drip irrigation to allow the microbes to penetrate below the sun exposed topsoil layer more effectively. For center pivots and sprinkler irrigation systems we recommend applying ExploGrow™ at dusk so as to allow microbes to penetrate the soil column more effectively.

Can the ExploGrow™ microbes survive the pressure of irrigation pumps?

Yes.The microbes will survive the pressure of the irrigation system and backpack sprayers.

At what temperature extremes can ExploGrow™ microbes survive?

There are 17 different microbes in ExploGrow™ and they all have different optimal temperature ranges. Some microbes have been reported to live in temperatures as cold as 5 C and some as hot as 50 C, however the optimal temperature range is between 20 C and 30 C. The microbes can live at different depths of the soil and within plant roots where temperatures will be less extreme. Microbes can improve the plant’s tolerance to abiotic stress from temperature extremes through the facilitation of plant sugars, such as Trehalose.

What is the ideal pH of the irrigation water when applying ExploGrow™ microbes?

Neutral to slightly acidic (pH of 6-7).

What time of the day is the best time to apply ExploGrow?

We recommend that ExploGrow™ be applied through drip irrigation at dawn or dusk to allow the microbes to penetrate below the sun exposed topsoil layer. For center pivots and sprinkler irrigation systems we recommend irrigating with ExploGrow™ at dusk only to allow microbes to penetrate the soil column more effectively. Once the crop has grown and successfully covers the soil, UV radiation will penetrate the soil less, further allowing microbial numbers to increase on the soil surface.

Should ExploGrow™ be agitated before applications?

Yes. We recommend mixing ExploGrow™ thoroughly before and during applications.

What is the shelf life and storage recommendations of ExploGrow?

ExploGrow™ should be stored at room temperature in a cool, well ventilated room with no direct sunlight. It has a shelf life of one year if stored correctly.

Will ExploGrow™ clog, block or plug up any irrigation or sprayer equipment?

No, however, when microbial food (as sometimes recommended by ExploGrow™ depending on soil quality) is co-applied through irrigation, drippers, lines, etc. they should be flushed clean by running water through after application. We recommend thoroughly agitating ExploGrow™ before and during application; suspending all particles will prevent clogging, blocking or plugging up of equipment.

Will increasing the application and over applying ExploGrow™ improve crop results?

No. There is no added benefit in over applying ExploGrow™ and we recommend you apply at the directed application rate.

Is ExploGrow™ harmful to humans and animals?

ExploGrow™ is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment. See MSDS below.

Do we need to wear protective clothing when mixing and applying ExploGrow?

Although ExploGrow™ is not harmful to humans or animals, it is recommend wearing normal personal protective equipment in the form of backpack sprayers, which require air filter masks and eye glasses to be worn. See MSDS below.



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