ECO-GRO Fish Emulsion

ECO GRO Fish Emulsion microbial food for Explo Grow

ECO GRO Fish Emulsion is manufactured by Eagle Creek Organics

ECO-Gro Fish Emulsion is one of many 'food' products recommended for use together with ExploGrow™ to improve valuable microbial functions (also see CARBOTECH® liquid carbon fertilizer).

ECO-Gro Fish Emulsion is a natural fish emulsion hydrolysate used in agriculture to help the plant's physiology, from seedling development to adulthood through growth stages.

ECO-Gro Fish Emulsion is made up from organic acids such as amino and and fatty acids.

  • Responsible for stimulating beneficial microbe populations in the soil
  • Low cost solution for boosting beneficialmicrobial populations in ExploGrow™ when co-applied as a soil drench
  • The organics acids activate the formation of various metabolic components that are important to the plant's hormonal, immunity, energy and photosynthesis processes
  • Promotes interaction with the plant's defense mechanism (same procedure as in humans for production of antibodies) to activate the PhYto-Alexins
  • Contains inter alia elemental amino acids that increase photosynthesis and auxin formation in the root zone and germination
  • Helps the plant to increase brix (sugar content) and energy levels during drought or stress
  • Breaks down organic matter in the ground and increase the formation of humus constituents in the soil
  • Can be applied as soil and foliar nutrition
  • Increases the effectiveness of most fertilizers
  • Increases N-effectiveness - thus humus formation
  • Organic certification underway

Eco Gro Fish Emulsion Together With Explo Grow Trials On Soybeans

Photos above: ExploGrow™ together with ECO Gro Fish Emulsion on Soybeans:
Untreated Soyas (top left), biofertiliser combo treated Soybeans (top right).

The effect of the stronger plant defences are clearly visible on the leaves of the Soya plant, top right.

  • Hectares planted: 54
  • Farm average yield for Soybeans: 3.2 tons per hectare
  • ExploGrow™ treated area yielded: 4.4 tons per hectare
  • Yield increase with ExploGrow™: +37.50%
  • Only 3.5 liters of ExploGrow™ (together with ECO Gro) applied per hectare, there is therefore considerable scope to achieve even bigger yields, through an optimal application of ExploGrow™.

ECO Gro Fish Emulsion advantages

  • Relatively low cost solution addressing a wide range of plant and microbial food requirements
  • Small quantities of applications make a difference
  • Contains amino acids that can be taken up and absorbed by the plant immediately because of its organic composition
  • Macro and Micro elements are in a balanced form that makes it possible to be absorbed immediately
  • Increases the effectiveness of plant absorption of spray mixtures
  • Stimulates the metabolism and growth of the plant and is also an important component of nucleus division
  • Compatible with all products (except Cu compounds and products with very low pH)
  • Very small particle size

ECO Gro Fish Emulsion application guidelines

  • Can be applied by any spray gun and overhead irrigation system
  • Can be fertilized with any N-P-K fertilizer

ECO Gro Fish Emulsion dosage

  • 2-40l / ha depending on the crop and symptoms of deficiency per application

ECO Gro Fish Emulsion dosage when used with ExploGrow

  • 1-20l / ha depending on the crop and symptoms of deficiency per application
  • Higher dosages of more than 20l / ha may also be beneficial

Co-application (ExploGrow™ + ECO-Gro Fish Emulsion) guidelines:

  • Add ExploGrow™ and ECO Gro into the water tank at the correct dilution (see lables), mix well
  • Application will be most optimal one week before the full moon
  • Leave the mix to stand for 4 hours (NOT more than 24 hours).
  • Flush lines clean after application to avoid clogging

ECO Gro is normally filtered down to 200 micron particle size (can be smaller if required).

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