Bio-fertiliser Field Test: Spinach and Brinjal

Preliminary test

These test were conducted by Mr Mark Young, BSc, an experienced botanic biologist (including post graduate studies in the US on plant growth, organic, bacterial and indigenous microorganism management), on a farm in the Eastern Cape, specialising in irrigated tunnel production.

For the purpose of the tests, foliar fertiliser was reduced by 50% in the first week and further reduced by another 25% in week 2 (i.e. all together a 75% reduction in foliar fertiliser).

The hydroponic fertiliser concentrations were also reduced by 20%.

Mr Young says: “We are now picking 250 bunches of spinach per day from only 2 tunnels, compared to the same production from 10 tunnels before.” That is equal to a fivefold increase in production, also with a strong improvement in quality.

Mr Young attributed the increases in yield directly to ExploGrow™ combined with improved plant management and increased light intensity.


The very healthy leaves and the remarkable veins are, according to Mr Mark Young, BSc, visible evidence of the impact of ExploGrow™

Mr Young also said: “We expect to start picking at least 2 weeks earlier than in the normal planting cycles.”

He also confirms that there are no sign of pest infections in any of their tunnels.

“The Brinjal plants are healthy with no signs of pest damage.” Mr Mark Young, BSc

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