Growing Citrus: Orange Tree Seedlings

Preliminary test

Seven month old orange tree seedlings treated with ExploGrow™ on 15 September 2015

Photo taken nine weeks after the first application of our organic, poly-microbial liquid bio-fertilizer.


Stem diameter +22%:
ExploGrow™ treated 4.5mm, Untreated 3.7mm (9 weeks after the 1st application)

Increased root mass: over 100%
ExploGrow™ treated > 2,000mg; Untreated < 0,999mg

Improved growth rate: 19%
Matured for replanting: ExploGrow™ treated: 19/100; Untreated: 16/100

9 Weeks after treatment: "We are replanting 19/100 trees from the left [ExploGrow™ treated Orange Trees] and 16/100 trees from the right [untreated]."​Testing Citrus Farmer

Valencia Orange Trees

Preliminary ExploGrow™ Field Test:


Photo: left: untreated, right: ExploGrow™ treated.
Treated on 15 August (photo taken 18 November)

Early observations: Despite the overexposure of the photo on the left, as per the photo below, the Valencia tree on the right appears to have a higher density of leaves that are also richer in colour. As mentioned above, the testing farmer observed many more buds on the ExploGrow™ treated tree.


Photo: left: untreated, right: ExploGrow™ treated.
Treated on 15 August (photo taken 18 November)

Early observations: The leaves from the Valencia trees on the right appear to be richer in colour with a higher leaf density. Significantly, the testing farmer pointed out that the Valencia trees on the right, have many more buds than the trees on the left.

Potential implication for exports: In the event that ExploGrow™ treated Valencia trees produce export grade (larger oranges with higher Brix), it would open up currently inaccessible European markets for Valencias to our testing farmer.

Anticipated results for Citrus using ExploGrow™ 

  • an increase in yield of around 30%
  • reduction in N-P-K fertilizer requirement 
  • reduction in watering requirement
  • increased Brix and citric acid
  • soil condition and plant health optimised
  • the ExploGrow™ effect is even more remarkable when Citrus trees are treated from earlier growth stages

For optimal results, ExploGrow™ should be applied as early as possible, both in the nursery and when replanted, during years 0-5.

Also note faster growth rate regarding seedlings and young trees:

  • rapid doubling of root system within 2-5 months versus control
  • increase in stem diameter growth: around 30% + (within 12 months

Organic Citrus trees ~ replanted tree survival rate improved: 

Lead Organic Citrus farmer improves tree survival rate to almost 100% (up from 50%), 2 years after replanting new Organic Citrus trees into “very old citrus soil”... READ MORE.

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