Watermelon farm achieve a 160% yield increase with "remarkable difference in taste" (higher Brix)

The ExploGrow treated area produced 160% more watermelons by mass.Hendrik Putter, Watermelon farmer

...the most important test for me and the laboratory staff, was the taste... It is the sweetest watermelon I've ever tasted! ​Lodewyk Greyling, Chicory SA

Waterlemons Increased Yield Untreated Untreated Dec 17

Growing Watermelons with ExploGrow™

Posted to Hendrik Putter’s Farmers’ Union group: 

“Here’s a comparison for you to see what a difference the ExploGrow™ made!” 
“Both watermelons are from the Crimson Sweet variety. The only difference is that the biggest one was planted 2 weeks later! Same water, soil, etc.”

Mr Putter also shared this email to his Farmers’ Union: “We expect Crimson Sweet to grow between 8 to 9 kilos. The watermelon on the scale is the same one as in the photo above, it’s not my biggest watermelon  yet weighs about 11kg! I DEFINITELY recommend that you use this product! Remember, seeds were not even treated!” Hendrik Putter


Lab results: Brix (sugar content), appearance and taste: 

“These Brix results are substantial, however, the most important test for me and the laboratory staff, was the taste. There was a remarkable difference in taste.The treated melon was sweet, juicy and a nice dark pink colour. The untreated one was very slightly sweet, lighter in colour and texture-wise also different.

Watermelon Yield And Brix Increase Graph


“Hey ‘oupa’ we tried the watermelons and the treated one was much better than the normal one.” André & Leah

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Great stuff ExploGrow! These watermelons are absolutely the sweetest, biggest, juiciest ever and taste like ice cream... even better!! We have never before had such a demand for watermelons and our customers only want the ones that we are getting from Mr Putter’s farm!Manuel de Freitas, Eienaar Spar Supermark, Somerset-Oos

20150117 184638

Spar Somerset called me and ask for more “EXPO” watermelons, nothing else! When my wife gave me the message, I almost fell out of my chair! I dropped off 400 on Friday and they sold out in three days!Hendrik Putter, Waatlemoenboer

Update: Watermelon field trial, Grahamstown

Image: biggest untreated Watermelon (left), ExploGrow™ treated (right)

Untreated Watermelons: 7°Bx Vs. ExploGrow™ treated: 9.5°Bx

Brix increased by 36%

Size increased by 92%

°Bx = sugar nutrient level

Grahamstown Waterlemons Higher Brix Increased Yield

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