Watermelons: Field Test

The ExploGrow treated area produced 160% more watermelons by mass.Hendrik Putter, Watermelon farmer

...the most important test for me and the laboratory staff, was the taste... It is the sweetest watermelon I've ever tasted! ​Lodewyk Greyling, Chicory SA

Waterlemons Increased Yield Untreated Untreated Dec 17

Growing Watermelons with ExploGrow™

Posted to Hendrik Putter’s Farmers’ Union group: 

“Here’s a comparison for you to see what a difference the ExploGrow™ made!” 
“Both watermelons are from the Crimson Sweet variety. The only difference is that the biggest one was planted 2 weeks later! Same water, soil, etc.”

Mr Putter also shared this email to his Farmers’ Union: “We expect Crimson Sweet to grow between 8 to 9 kilos. The watermelon on the scale is the same one as in the photo above, it’s not my biggest watermelon  yet weighs about 11kg! I DEFINITELY recommend that you use this product! Remember, seeds were not even treated!” Hendrik Putter


Lab results: Brix (sugar content), appearance and taste: 

“These Brix results are substantial, however, the most important test for me and the laboratory staff, was the taste. There was a remarkable difference in taste.The treated melon was sweet, juicy and a nice dark pink colour. The untreated one was very slightly sweet, lighter in colour and texture-wise also different.

Watermelon Yield And Brix Increase Graph

Head of our laboratory and QC, Linda Willem, and one of her assistants, ate both and where in agreement that the ‘explogrown’ one was far better. It is the sweetest watermelon I've ever tasted! I believe that this result will bring ExploGrow lots of business!”

Lodewyk Greyling, Chicory SA


“Hey ‘oupa’ we tried the watermelons and the treated one was much better than the normal one.” André & Leah

Spar Logo Small

Great stuff ExploGrow! These watermelons are absolutely the sweetest, biggest, juiciest ever and taste like ice cream... even better!! We have never before had such a demand for watermelons and our customers only want the ones that we are getting from Mr Putter’s farm!Manuel de Freitas, Owner Spar Supermarket, Somerset East

20150117 184638

Spar Somerset called me and ask for more “EXPO” watermelons, nothing else! When my wife gave me the message, I almost fell out of my chair! I dropped off 400 on Friday and they sold out in three days!Hendrik Putter, Watermelon farmer

Update: Watermelon field trial, Grahamstown

Image: biggest untreated Watermelon (left), ExploGrow™ treated (right)

Untreated Watermelons: 7°Bx Vs. ExploGrow™ treated: 9.5°Bx

Brix increased by 36%

Size increased by 92%

°Bx = sugar nutrient level

Grahamstown Waterlemons Higher Brix Increased Yield

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