Commercial Maize yields up by 17.6% and Rural Development Maize up by +216%

Maize Yield Harvest Record Yield Result With Explogrow Raw Data

Commercial Maize yields up by 17.6% and Rural Development Maize up by +216%

Large scale commercial Maize, Kommadagga, Eastern Cape

  • Location: Kommadagga, Eastern Cape
  • Crop: Yellow maize
  • Irrigation: Center pivot
  • ExploGrow™ was applied through a boom-spray at a rate of 8 liters per ha.
  • ExploGrow™ was applied at 5 weeks post emergence.

Six cut strips of 10 meters each were harvested and the data recorded. Three of these represented the treated area and three the control. A standard fertilizer program was followed and was applied through the center pivot.

Unfortunately this meant that the farmer was not able to reduce fertilizer inputs on the ExploGrow™ treated area. The ExploGrow™ treated area achieved 3.2t of grain per ha higher than the control block.

This was a 17.7% average yield increase which resulted in an extra R4,640.00/ha profit after taking the cost of the product into account.

This represented a 127% return on investment.

[The brief: It was important to the producer that there was a significant yield response to ExploGrow™ without great disruption in his management practice. For this reason we kept the treatment to a once-off application of 8 liters/ha. There was also no change to his fertilizer inputs. Based on previous tests and results we would suggest a reduction in Nitrogen and Phosphate of up to 40%. This would represent a further saving and would increase the return in investment. Furthermore a greater yield response might have been achieved through splitting the application. On those planters that have the capacity to do so it is recommended that ExploGrow™ be injected into the row at planting.]

[Note: is that there was a return on investment within the first season of application.]

[This is especially important since it offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach with an increase in yield.]

[There is no doubt that this product must be added as a standard in all maize programs.]

Maize Yield Kommadagga Ec South Africa Cost Raw Data Copy Right Explo Grow International Ltd All Rights Reserved

Maize, Development Farm Trials

Pniel Youth Development Cooperative

  • Location: Diamantveld, Kimberley, Northern Cape
  • Crop: White maize
  • Irrigation: Center pivot
  • Due to lack of 'commercial level' resources, this farm suffers from a risk of very low yields
  • Due to the lack of resources a 1/4 dose of ExploGrow™ was applied through a center pivot
  • The ExploGrow™ product was donated by Ingomso Labalimi Base Africa Pty Ltd. ('FutureGrow")

Maize Pniel Youth Development Cooperative maize trial w organic bio fertilizer

ExploGrow™ was treated on one pivot and compared to two other ‘control’ pivots.

  • ExploGrow™ was applied at 8 weeks post emergence
  • The ExploGrow™ pivot was 21 ha in size
  • The two control pivots were 20 ha in size

Maize Yield Organic Bio Fert Harvest Record Yield Total Tons Chart Data Final

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Maize Yield Organic Bio Fert Harvest Record Yield Tons Per Ha Chart Data Final
  • Control 1: 2.19 tons/ha
  • Control 2: 2.95 tons/ha
  • Average: 2.57 tons/ha
  • ExploGrow™ yield: 8.11 tons/ha
  • Percent increase ExploGrow™ Control 1: +270%
  • Percent increase ExploGrow™ Control 2: +175%
  • Average yield increase: 5.54 tons/ha

This represents a massive yield difference of +216%

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