Preliminary observations regarding multiple crops during Aug/Sept 2018 field trip in South Africa

Bananas treated with ExploGrow™ planted at the same time as the control (winter growth)

Bananas in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province

  • Bananas were treated with ExploGrow™ a few weeks before the winter
  • All Banana plants pictured were planted at the same time
  • There was a remarkable difference in size and plant heath between the ExploGrow™ treated plants and the control

The ExploGrow™ Banana plants suffered somewhat on this farm, because a hippopotamus gobbled up many of the ExploGrow™ Banana plants, either through sheer coincidence or due to the higher sugar (Brix) levels present in the ExploGrow™ treated Banana plants!

Potatoes grown with organic poly-microbial-bio-fertilizer

Potatoes With An Organic Poly Microbial Bio Fertilizer

Potatoes in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province

  • Photos above: Potato farmer expecting a big harvest, expressing that he had not seen this Potato variety constantly producing such large potatoes, adding that this crop had produced the largest Potatoes that he had ever seen from this variety. More data to be shared soon.
  • Photo below: Potatoes 4 weeks before harvest taken from one ExploGrow™ treated Potato plant.
  • Farmer supper happy :) expecting another bumper crop!

UPDATE: Potato farmer crushes 60-year-old farm record with 88 tons/ha after applying ExploGrow™ fertiliser to his potatoes

Potatoes With An Organic Microbial Biofertilizer

Carrots grown with organic microbial bio-fertiliser

Carrots Grown With Organic Microbial Biofertilizer

Carrots in Brits, North West Province

  • Photo top left: collecting Carrots from control area
  • Photo top right: collecting Carrots from ExploGrow™ area
  • Photo at bottom above: early on there was already a visible difference caused by the ExploGrow™ microbes

Carrot Grown With An Organic Polymicrobial Biofertilizer

Carrot comparison photo:

  • The Carrot farmer selected 2 x 18 Carrots and laid them side by side
  • With 2 months to go before harvest, the farmer expressed astonishment at the differences in leaf and Carrot sizes
  • There was also a significant difference in sugar (Brix) taste, already!

The farmer has kindly committed to capturing and sharing detailed data from this trial that we will publish here soon after harvest.

Beetroots grown with organic poly-microbial-bio-fertilizer

Beetroot Grown With An Organic Polymicrobial Biofertilizer

Beetroots in North West Province

  • Photos taken 6 weeks before harvest
  • Beetroot comparison photos on (a) the left and (b) the top right: the Beetroot farmer selected 2 x 15 Beetroot plants and laid them side by side
  • The visible results are already remarkable with much larger leaves and bulbs
  • Photo bottom right: Comparing the largest Beetroot bulb from the control sample with the largest ExploGrow™ treated Beetroot bulb

Note: The control area had been infected by Rhizomania (a plant disease/virus called BNYVV (Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus)), which is transmitted by the soil fungus Polymyxa Betae. Rhizomania may cause heavy losses in yield and quality.

Also note: It appears that the ExploGrow™ area had not been infected by Rhizomania. However, the farmer intends to introduce infected plants to the ExploGrow™ treated area to establish:
(a) if the plants treated with ExploGrow™ will continue to prevent transmission, and/or
(b) if the infected plants would be able to recover in the ExploGrow™ treated soil, since the ExploGrow™ microbes are expected to enhance the plants' immune system.

The farmer has kindly committed to capturing and sharing detailed data from this trial that we will publish here soon after harvest.

Also note: It is not claimed that ExploGrow™ is effective against Rhizomania. Currently there is no known cure, and there appears to be no chemical effective against Rhizomania. At present, the only useful measure appears to be the growing of resistant varieties.

Seed Onions grown with organic microbial bio-fertilizer

Seed Onions Brits With Organic Biofertilizer

Seed Onions in North West Province

Photo below: Seed Onions comparison

  • The Seed Onion farmer selected two bunches (untreated/treated) of Seed Onions and laid them out for comparison.
  • This being a few weeks before harvest, the farmer was super excited about the larger, more uniform and higher ratio of successful bulbs formed in the ExploGrow™ treated Onions in the bottom row (in the photo below).

More data will be gathered (and will kindly be shared by the farmer) at Seed harvest and again at the re-planting of these Onion Seed bulbs during the next growing season.

Seed Onions With Organic Poly Microbial Biofertilizer

Mature Macadamia Nut trees and newly planted Macadamias with organic microbial-bio-fertilizer

Mature Macadamia Nut Trees And Newly Planted Macadamias With Organic Microbial Bio Fertilizer

Macadamia Nut trees in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province

Photo right (taken 14 August 2018):

  • Newly re-planted Macadamia Nut tree, which had been treated with ExploGrow™ just before winter.
  • Remarkable growth visible from the top third of the tree displaying happy and healthy looking new green leaves.

Photos on the left (top and bottom):

  • Mature Macadamia Nut trees which have been treated with ExploGrow™.
  • The trees are now showing promising signs of a much bigger harvest than expected (compared with untreated trees). More data to follow soon.

Other crops

Vegetables And Tree Crops Grown Using Organic Bio Fertilizer With A Poly Microbial Blend

Butternut: Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province

Photo top left:

  • Butternut (cultivar: Quantam) with normal yield potential of 35 – 50 tons per ha.
  • The farmer harvested 64 tons per ha.

Onions recovered from potential crop failure in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province

  • The onions pictured here (bottom left) are from a farm where the farmer was expecting a crop failure. Because the farmer had heard about the ExploGrow™ effect on Onions, he added half a dose of ExploGrow™ to his crop at a very late stage.
  • The Onions have recovered and the farmer is now expecting an above average yield.

Mangoes and Citrus in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province

  • Major trials underway on one of the largest Mango export farms in South Africa (which also grows Citrus).
  • Preliminary reports from the farm manager are that they are extremely happy with their ExploGrow™ trials so far, including Mangoes (photo bottom right) and Citrus (photo top right).

We hope to receive more data from all the farmers at harvest, and with their permission, more detailed case studies will be published here.

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