Case studies

Record Onion harvest smashes average yields of 55 tons with 104.2 tons per hectare thanks to a polymicrobial bio-fertiliser Read more

What would happen if you added ExploGrow organic bio-fertiliser to a healthy Soyabean and Maize no-till ecosystem Read more

Limpopo farmer urges rural development farmers to use ExploGrow™ ​bio-fertiliser on all crops Read more

Wheat yield increases: Development farm trials at Pniel Youth Development Cooperative in Diamantveld, Kimberley, Northern Cape Read more

ExploGrow™ out-performed all Carrot farm lands on quality by +28.71% with yield increasing by +12.8% Read more

Growing Sugarcane with organic microbial bio-fertiliser with much better yields and much less N-fertilizer Read more

Soybean production increased by 37% with remarkable plant health observations Read more

Organic farmer growing organic Citrus reports on remarkable bio-control and plant health effect of our poly-microbial liquid bio-fertiliser Read more

Specialist Lucerne agriculturist's observations after applying ExploGrow™ to brackish soil resulting in stronger growth Read more

The increased yield and price equates to a total increase of 75% value per hectare Read more

"The ExploGrow treated area produced 160% more watermelons by mass" Hendrik Putter, Watermelon farmer Read more

Mr Young’s report highlights some dramatic improvements in crop quality, yield, health and environmental observations after applying ExploGrow™ on Olive Tree Farm, specialising in tunnel and hydroponics production in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Read more

Growing Orange Tree Seedlings with the organic, poly-microbial liquid bio-fertiliser ExploGrow™, has already delivered remarkable preliminary results Read more

According to independent tobacco experts, this is the best quality tobacco that they've seen produced in the Eastern Cape and liken it to the best that they've seen in the country. Read more

Please contact one of our consultants for detailed information about the most effective use of ExploGrow™ as well as application rates for the following farming methods and crops: Read more

Visible oxygen bubbles generated by the microbial activity of our polymicrobial liquid biofertilizer Read more

4 weeks before harvest the Brix (sugar content) measured 6.6% (well on its way to the projected over 7,5%) for ExploGrow™ treated tomatoes and 6.0% for control, representing then already an 10% improvement. Read more

ExploGrow™ Bio-fertiliser field test Spinach and Brinjal: Preliminary result after 3 weeks: 22 September 2015 Read more

Preliminary results! ExploGrow™ Field Test: Pear Trees Read more

Extra large Strawberries, Cradock, South Africa. "The biggest and most delicious tasting strawberries that I've ever produced". Mara van Staden Read more

On the basis of the development of the peppers to date, Mr Young confirms that Brix content is expected to increase dramatically. Read more

Farmer Joshia Masongoa obtained ExploGrow™ Bio-fertiliser from a friend, and just used it on his spinach crop. Read more

ExploGrow™ Bio-fertiliser Field Test: Roses treated 10 July, middle of winter Read more

Black frost caused untreated radishes to bust. Larger ExploGrow Bio-fertiliser: treated radishes tasted very sweet and delicious! Read more

Organic bio-fertiliser field trial results in South Africa since 2013 Read more